OK Series MAMA Hot Korean & Salted Egg Noodles

Newly produced by Mama Noodle, based on the Burmese people’s favourite MAMA Korean Style Hot Korean & Salted Egg (OK Series), these are produced uniquely to enjoy the taste of Spicy Korean Styles in a unique way.

Mama noodles are made by Ayeyarwaddy Food Industries Co.,Ltd. Produced by MK Distribution Co.,Ltd. Has been distributed all over Myanmar.

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MK Distribution Co.,Ltd.

You can contact Ph: (+95-1) 656731, 9669711, 651747.

Mama noodles

Since 30 years ago, Mama’s noodles have been popular all over the world and in Thailand until now. Now in Myanmar, Irrawaddy Food Industry, which has obtained "ISO 9001:2008 & HACCP, GMP" certificates, produces 11 flavours of Mama noodles.

1. Mama Prawn Spicy Tongyang flavour

2. The taste of Mama’s chicken stew

3. Mama’s chicken oil flavour

4. The taste of mama’s cooking

5. Mama coconut milk noodles taste

6. Mama egg protein flavour

7. The taste of Mama’s seafood pickled in oil

8. Mama’s prawns with sour milk taste

9. Mama Korean style hot and spicy noodles

10. Yunnan style delicious Mama noodles

11. Mama Thai Style Spicy and Sour Noodles

12. OK Series Mama Hot Korean

13. OK Series Mama Salted egg

It only takes 3 minutes of boiling water to eat Mama Noodles. Now, “Are you hungry, eat mama?”

MK Distribution Co.,Ltd. Is responsible for distributing Mama noodles all over Myanmar.

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