Our Vision & Mission


To provide quality products through excellent services in order to improve the quality of life for Myanmar people.


To be the FMCG distribution company in Myanmar by 2023.

Mission Statement

We will act and react as a first line marketing frontier to ensure the best sales and distribution services to our business partner satisfaction with our professional ,reliable and realistic market approach as well as efficient and effective sales team in marketing and distributing throughout Myanmar. We are also aiming to produce long term sustainable business development without scarify short term profit for share holder and yet to prove its as a good working place for our employees.

We not make, offer,promise to make or authorise an improper payment ( Cash or anything of value ) to any person ( whether in the public or private sector ).

Our approach is built on respect , being consistent and having the courage to do the right thing. We treat everyone with respect and dignity ( no harassment ). We are one Team. We are MK.

Our Background

MK Distribution Company commenced on October 2012 by merging with MK trading Company Limited and Myanmar S.E.A marketing Company Limited.

MK Distribution has been registered and start the operation on 01 November 2012.

MK Company Limited was established in 1990 and MK is the one of the successful companies in Myanmar with core businesses of retailing, manufacturing, distribution and services.

Myanmar S.E.A marketing Company Limited was established in 2004 and MMSEA is one of the successful distribution companies in Myanmar.

Thai President Food PLC. the leader in instant noodle in Thailand agreed to appoint MMSEA to be their sole distributor of MaMa instant noodles in Myanmar market on 06 May 2004 and start their first operation of sales MaMa instant noodles on 01 July 2004.

Our Board of Director

Consist of 5 Myanmar representing MK trading and MMSEA to set up MK Distribution company policy and control procedures in Myanmar.

Our management team

The New MANAGEMENT team appointed by New BOD is organized full experienced staff in consumer goods product. We run business with the decentralized management to empower all levels to achieve their own objectives by their own commitment as assigned by company.

Our team

After merging MK and MMSEA, Now more than 500 employees have joined MK Distribution company which link every corner of the retail shop in Myanmar at our finger tip.

Our Customer

  • Our customers are mainly the retailer and wholesaler in Myanmar which contribution > 90 % of current client portfolio.
  • Modern trade is emerging in the country which we cover all 100 % of MT channel.
  • In 2013 - 2015 to enhance our coverage to more extensive channel which produce higher consumption and demand i.e. Food supply chain, Factory, School ,Restaurant and Hotel etc.

Our Business Portfolio

Current Brands in 2023 :

  • The Whole range of Ma Ma Instant Noodles & Snacks
  • Hero Boys Jelly Cups
  • UFC Coffee Can and 3 in 1 Coffee Mixed, Salted Soybean
  • GreenMate Fruit Juice
  • Bissin Brand Wafers and Biscuits
  • Thai MaMa Vermicelli and Flat Noodles

Current Non-Food Brands in 2023 :

  • Some range of PRO, SUE SAT and ESSENCE
  • Some range of PARROT Soap and Shower Cream
  • Some range of Castrol Engine Oil

Sales strategic direction (Sales strategy 2023)

To bring out the inner potential of Sales force to enhance Sales and Distribution coverage in all channel of distribution to ensuring the highest product availability at anywhere anytime consumer need.

Using effective Supply Chain Management

MK Distribution has management with If owns fleet of 160 trucks 64 points at partner areas.